Our Story

Flipping the script on traditional accounting

Pursuit was born out of burnout. Not literally, but close to it.

Most of the accounting industry hasn’t updated its business model in more than a century. For a lot of accountants, that means weekends and hours of overtime when crunch time hits. They work like superheroes, but also like sheep — moving with the crowd, ticking boxes, filing statements and racking-up billable hours during short, manic sprints. It can be planned for, but it’s not efficient or healthy, and it definitely doesn’t make for a good work-life balance. Do you want important business advice from someone who has just finished 55 consecutive 14-hour days?

At Pursuit, that’s what we’ve decided we won’t do. Instead, we’ve decided to be sensible with who we select as clients to ensure we can perform at our peak and provide maximum impact. Do we work like superheroes? For sure. Like Sheep? No way.

It’s not necessary when you have a business model like ours — dedicated professionals working directly with clients to design and execute financial and tax plans that look past annual filing dates into upcoming months and years.

Tim Miron, CPA, CA

Tim graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Accounting (co-op) in 2004 and became a Chartered Accountant in 2005. He worked at a regional firm for nearly 10 years before becoming a partner at a large local firm. He was there for eight years before founding Pursuit CPA. His passion is to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to new heights.

Tim lives in Burlington with his wife and three children. His family loves to travel and entertain friends and family whenever possible. Tim is an avid but awful golfer who spends much of his free time working on his game. Unfortunately, the results have, so far, been limited.

The A-Team

Jennifer Ng, CPA, CGA

Jennifer is a mother of two who speaks four languages and loves to travel. She has worked in public accounting for nearly a decade, handling everything from bookkeeping to annual filings to all of the unusual tax forms clients need help with. Jennifer does it all.

Allison Gowan,
Client Logistics Coordinator

Allison’s superpower is her ability to make sure every client is taken care of and receive the answers they need. She coordinates every piece of information that flows in and out of Pursuit HQ, which allows the rest of the team to work our magic. Allison is the oil that keeps everything running smoothly.

Christine Chong

Christine is a cloud-accounting wizard who breaks down barriers between financial tools to ensure access to the reliable, real-time data clients need to optimize their businesses. She lives in Stoney Creek with her family and a menagerie of cats and loves to blow through books at the cottage.

Marvin Pinero

Originally from the Philippines, Marvin moved to Canada at 12 and now lives in Brantford. He has worked in both municipal and federal government as well as for a local firm. He’s a traveller, hiker, hockey and tennis player and the proud owner of a ridiculous sneaker collection.

Prijesh Sarkhedi

After 6 years of owning his own accounting practice, Prijesh took a leap of faith and moved from Mumbai to Canada in 2019. He is currently completing his Canadian CPA designation and is passionate about helping business owners improve their business processes. He lives in Brampton with his wife, loves to travel and try new cuisines.

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