Out-of-house expertise with an in-house mentality

We aren’t like other accounting firms. In fact, we don’t even like to call ourselves an accounting firm.

That’s because we think and work differently. We consider ourselves the out-of-house expert with the in-house mentality every entrepreneurial venture needs. When businesses work with us, they’re gaining a financial quarterback with intimate knowledge of the plays best suited to achieving present and future growth goals.

Our pods of professionals are dedicated to their clients, which means unparalleled access, forward thinking and financial problem solving specific to individual businesses. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions, because no two businesses are alike.

At Pursuit, we run on a modern operating model: We’re not trying to bill as many hours as possible to increase our revenue — we’re a trusted advisor for incorporated business owners in need of on-demand planning and advice to take their businesses to the next level while reaping the life rewards of entrepreneurship.

Our Creative Business Solutions

We aren’t bookkeepers, auditors, or investment advisors, but we can work with yours. We are strategists with a single goal: To deliver financial guidance and extended business advice to entrepreneurs so they can keep more of the revenues they work so hard for.

With our adaptable, no-surprise subscription model, owners know what services they’re paying for and the total cost before we even get started, making sure you never see an unexpected bill.

Fraction CFO Services
Business Advisory
Year-End Fillings & Statements

Fractional CFO Services

Financial &
Business Advising

Annual Filings
& Statements

C-suite level financial advice for growing businesses without a full-time CFO. We will:


  • Identify internal efficiencies
  • Drive long-term growth
  • Keep departments working towards the same goals
  • Make tax planning easy

Dedicated, holistic teams working proactively to maximize profits. Expect us to:


  • Plan for tax season all year, not just during tax season
  • Answer questions and address concerns in a timely manner
  • Put our network to work for you

With a cadre of experts working ahead rather than catching up, our clients receive:


  • Comprehensive work integrating every department
  • Completed documents well in advance of deadlines
  • Systematic explanations

If all or any of this sounds like something your company can use, tell us more about your business. One of our experts will be in touch.

Pursuit CPA
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